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How About the Antibacterial Effect of Nano Silver Brush Filament?

How About the Antibacterial Effect of Nano Silver Brush Filament?

November 9, 2023 - 10:03

Most people will confuse the difference between nanosilver brush filament and silver ion brush filament, thinking that they are all added with the same antibacterial agent, but they are not. Silver ion antibacterial agents are inorganic antibacterial agents, while nano silver antibacterial agents are natural antibacterial agents.

There are three types of antibacterial agents used daily: natural antibacterial agents, inorganic antibacterial agents, and organic antibacterial agents. Natural antibacterial agents have a relatively short time effect, and inorganic antibacterial agents are more widely used. Organic antibacterial agents have a wide variety of colors, good color stability, and fast sterilization speed, but they are more toxic and have poor heat resistance. People use cutting-edge nanotechnology to nano-size silver, which makes the bactericidal ability of silver in the nanometer state a qualitative leap. Very little nanosilver can produce a powerful bactericidal effect. Research has found that the smaller the particle size, the stronger the bactericidal performance.

From this point of view, the antibacterial effect of nanosilver brush filament may not last as long as a silver ion, but its antibacterial ability is even better. The antibacterial activity value of the product is greater than 2%, and the antibacterial rate against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is as high as 99%. It is suitable for toothbrushes, face wash brushes, bath brushes, and bottle brushes.


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