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Robot Vacuum Brush Filament

Robot Vacuum Brush Filament

Robot Vacuum Brush Filament

The robot vacuum filament is a crucial component of robot vacuums. It demands exceptional abrasion resistance, resilience, and flexural recovery. Without these qualities, there’s a risk of shedding and deformation, compromising the cleaner’s performance.

Robot Vacuum Brush Filament Features

Ming Wang has meticulously developed filaments tailored for premium robotic vacuums. Materials such as PA612, PA66, PA6, and PBT exhibit superior abrasion resistance, fatigue tolerance, and flexibility. They boast excellent rebound and flexural recovery, as well as high heat resistance. Even at high speeds, these filaments remain shed-free and retain their shape, preventing tangling and effectively prolonging the lifespan of the robotic vacuum's side brushes.

Why Choose Mingwang Filament?

1. Global Partnerships in Raw Materials

Mingwang only uses virgin raw materials and imported Clariant dyestuffs for production.
Over 300 tons in stock to meet the needs of mass production.

2. Advanced Temperature Control maintained within ±0.5°C

Consistent diameter can meet the high-speed production requirements of high-precision equipment.

3. High-Volume Production & Timely Delivery

Mingwang's efficient production delivers 3,000 tons of filament annually, with fast 7-15 day delivery times, keeping your supply chain swift and seamless.

Customization Options

With 23 years of specialization in custom solutions, we are committed to manufacturing brush filaments that are precisely engineered to meet your specific product requirements.



Support sample from customers, match colors according to Pantone color standard.



Available in various diameters, our filaments cater to diverse application needs.



Choose from various cross-sectional shapes for optimal performance.



Enhance your product with functions for diverse industry needs.
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